Generally, there are two things EFINAIR cannot deliver:

  • 1. Breathing or living things,
  • 2. Illegal or hazardous items.

For a more comprehensive look, here is a guide on what we are unable to deliver for you through our partners/ drivers

Breathing or Living Things

As a delivery app, we dedicate ourselves making the delivery of goods easier. In which living things are not excluded. So the answer to the question “Can anyone ride in a EFINAIR car” is no.

Gaza Move can’t even supply pets, because they are living things.

Illegal Drugs or Hazardous Items

EFINAIR cannot deliver illegal drugs or anything that is harmful for our drivers / partners. Also, for the safety of our partner drivers, we decline to deliver sharp objects, fire arms, and chemicals that could potentially stab, shoot, or burn the partner driver while on the way to the drop off point.

This restriction includes all vehicles from motorcycles, to MPV and all types of Trucks forandvans. Our team and Partner Drivers strictly implement this and we expect our customers to follow as well.

The list of things we cannot deliver is;

  • People
  • Animals/ Pets
  • Human Corpses
  • Human Organs or Body Parts
  • Dangerous drugs
  • Alcoholic beverage
  • Firearms, guns and explosive
  • Sharp objects
  • Chemical
  • Flammable items
  • All illegal substances, drugs, hazardous items.
  • Cash, expensive jewelry.

Other than these few items, EFINAIR can deliver anything. So go ahead and book a fast and

convenient same-day delivery service.