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Make extra money by working according to your schedule.

You can drive with us any vehicle you have, like;



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You can join us today to be part of our delivery team.

We are accepting applications to make you our Efinair GetFast partner. Once the registration process is complete, we will send you our Efinair GetFast Virtual Training Link.

Benefit of driving with Efinair GetFast ?

Efinair GetFast offers you the freedom to work and generate income according to your schedule.

Earn extra income

The more you deliver, the more you get.

Drive in your own time

Take orders that are convenient for you.

Incentives / Bonus

Efinair GetFast will provide you monthly, weekly and daily incentives according to your performance.

Virtual training

Efinair GetFast offer you virtual training which you can complete in the comforts of your home.

PSV license not required

Drive with your driving licence only

How It Works

Be your own boss

Find out how you can start driving with Efinair GetFast today.

Steps to register with Efinair GetFast;

  • Install Efinair GetFast Driver apps first.
    • Make sure to install the Efinair GetFast driver’s App in the Google Play Store.
    • Fill in the details asked by the app for your account.
    • You can register with your google or face book account.
    • After that, there are 5 things that you need to upload in the apps before we can be accepted as this Efinair GetFast rider. All five have to be photographed.
      • IC (Red IC or temporary IC x is accepted)
      • Driving License (L not accepted)
      • Vehicle grant and road tax picture
      • Clear picture of the vehicle and clearly show the number plate (Taxi not allowed)
      • Driver photo (Driver selfie preferred)
    • You will need to attend our training session online/virtual in order to get your account approved and activated.
  • Activation of account
    • Once your account is approved and activated, you will start receiving requests. You can accept any request as per your convenience.